Privacy Policy

The data collected allows Greekvillas to respond, firstly to your request for information on a villa, a quote and for the finalization of a reservation. Once the reservation is finalized, the data collected will allow us to put you in contact with the people with whom you will be dealing (Owner of the villa). Greekvillas collects this data in order to provide you with the services you have requested. It is mainly information which allow us to identify you (name and surname, telephone number, postal and electronic addresses), and information of your credit card. This data is obligatory for the treatment of you request If the Customer does not agree, Greekvillas cannot accept the booking.

Greekvillas could give some of the personal data to partners, providers of services and subcontractors of these services. We share your information with the third parties who provide our products and services. (owner of the villa, car rental, services at the place of the villa etc. ) we demand that our partners are committed to respect the privacy policy to protect this data and not use it for their proper benefit/account. This data is strictly confidential with exception of judicial requisition of request by an empowered authority